What To Consider When Hiring An Appraiser For Your Energy Efficient Home?


When buying or selling a home, you need to make sure that the property is valued accurately and fairly. This is where the services of a home appraiser come in handy. Although there are numerous home appraisers on the market, all of these professionals are not created equal. This is why it is important that you do your homework before hiring the best home appraiser for your project. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when hiring an appraiser for your home.


An appraiser is normally hired to provide a statement of value of the home you plan to buy or sell. They will analyze the size and state of the home as well as the surrounding market before issuing this value statement. This document is important if you plan to apply for a loan or mortgage. In fact, it will give the lender a proper figure to base their loan on. Finding an accurate Chicago appraiser may require extensive research on your part. The internet is the best place to do your research. You can search Google for the best home appraiser in your town. You will get a list of suitable candidates operating in your area. Narrow down your search to the best 4-5 candidates by checking the qualifications and experience of these candidates. You can check their websites for this purpose. Almost all professional home appraisers will have a website these days. When you find 2-3 that looks like potential candidates, make sure you interview them to get a feel for how they will perform the job.

Don’t be hesitant to ask a lot of questions from the appraiser. You are paying for their services, and you should not hesitate to clear all doubts you have in mind before hiring the best candidate for the project. A certified appraiser requires a lot of education and experience. Make sure you ask to see proof of their credentials before you hire the appraiser for the project. In the US, appraisal regulations are determined by each individual state. Check the state laws of your state to see if the candidate qualifies as an appraiser in your state.

You may ask a friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker, who had bought or sold a house recently if they know a good appraiser in the area. The word of mouth is very powerful when finding the best home appraiser in your area. This way you save a lot of time and money in the long run. You may also ask the bank or lending agency to recommend a good appraiser to you. But make sure you examine the qualifications, experience, and background of the appraiser before hiring them for your project.

In conclusion, finding a good appraiser is not an easy task after all. With so many home appraisers on the market, you need to do your homework when picking the best home appraiser to value your home. This article provides information on what to consider when picking the right home appraiser.

Different Types of Solar Power Systems


Solar energy is considered to be one of the cleanest and most reliable sources of energy today. It is also the most affordable form of energy, which is the reason why many people are embracing solar electric systems for their power needs. The best thing about solar energy and solar systems is that you can have a system installed in your home/workplace for specific power needs. Solar systems can be used for specialized needs such as powering a water pump, lighting, patio, backyard waterfalls, and even home security systems. Solar systems are rarely affected by bad weather since they are powered by an independent source.

Solar systems are categorized into 3 different types: utility (grid) connected, battery backup, and standalone systems. The three systems are designed to meet specific electrical requirements that a user may have. All one needs to do is pick the right system for their needs. Discussed below are the different types of solar systems to help you choose well.

1. Grid-Tied Solar System (Utility Interconnected)

These systems are designed to provide power all day long (not for backup power) and mostly used in sunny states. Solar panels (high wattage) are installed on the roof and contribute to more than 80% of your power needs. The best thing about these systems is that any excess power generated by these solar panels is added back into the grid. This helps lower electricity bills as power contributed back to the grid act as credits or savings. Grid-tied solar systems are therefore designed for net metering or to reduce power demands.

For help with a grid solar system, contact a professional solar contractor.

2. Standalone Systems

Standalone systems are specially designed as a substitute for utility power. These systems come in a complete package of charge regulators, solar charging modules, and backup batteries. These are the most common solar systems in homes and office setups as they are an excellent alternative for noisy generators and kerosene lamps. Standalone solar systems are mainly preferred in recreational vehicles, boats, or even remote homes. The system works by charging the backup batteries during the daytime. This power can then be used when there is no sunlight or at night. Standalone systems come in two types: DC and AC-DC systems. AC-DC systems come with built-in DC to AC inverters that make it possible to power household appliances such as vacuum cleaners, computers, kitchen appliances, and washing machines.

3. Backup AC Solar Systems

This is an advanced version of a standalone system in that it comes with at least ten arrays of photovoltaic modules, a huge battery bank, and AC-DC inverters. The system works by storing electricity harnessed by these solar modules in the battery bank, and it makes the power available when needed. The backup system is mainly connected to the house in the same way a backup generator is connected. Should there be a power failure, the solar backup system kicks in providing the much-needed power. This helps provide uninterrupted power to your home or office.

For questions with any type of solar, consult with a solar expert St. Charles to get help with your project.

If you’re unsure of the solar system to buy for your needs, you can always consult with different suppliers for advice. These professionals should be able to help you find the right system for your needs.

Clean, fast, green energy


In this day and age, renewable energy is becoming increasingly popular. Not only because of the long-term cost savings, but also because of the toll non-renewable sources have taken on the environment.

This quick video shows the potential we have to create a limitless amount of clean, renewable energy.

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